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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Birth of the Emperor

I haven’t slept for four days. I can’t lie down in comfort. Fortunately, my mind is as clear as the autumn sky. The mighty opponent most likely to defeat me is not the player sitting across from me. It’s me. If I give it my best I will not lose this game. My laziness is my most fearful enemy. Defeat is acceptance of my own laziness. I practiced without regard to day or night for today’s game. I pushed onward until my practice partners collapsed, begging to stop playing. In the game, only the last man standing has the privilege of making the victory toast.

I’m now sitting on the player’s seat. The blinding lights shining and the cameras fixed on me. “YEAH~~ YEAH~~” I can hear the cries. They are the cheers of the countless fans surrounding me. Even more fans are watching me in front of their television. Everyone is waiting to see what kind of game I will play today. Why am I sitting here? There’s only one answer—for victory.

I input the alias “SLayerS_ ‘BoxeR’” and await my adversary’s entrance. The lights and cameras vanish far away and even the fans’ cries are now inaudible. Instantaneously I’m alone in the complete tranquility. Soon the curtains will rise. I am the protagonist and I am the victor, and the stage for the game that only I can finish will open.

The momentarily darkened monitor soon shows my position. The game has begun. My heart rate begins to gradually rise and my hands, my eyes, and my whole body is moving towards only one thing. I have to strike before my opponent deduces my cards. A bit more… a bit more… . But at the same time I gather myself. Because of the ambition to seize victory, I had once lost everything I had prepared so long for in an instant. I cannot commit another painful instance to my memory. The moment of victory approaches me. 10, 9…2, 1. Finally the dropship revealed itself.

I load the troops already standing by. And I fly the dropship to the spot unexpected by the opponent. Of course this too was a route discovered through practice. It passes through the areas where the opponent never scouts and infiltrate where the defense is weakest. The dropship flies. To prepare for the possible counter-attack I check my main base restlessly as well. I construct a defensive line difficult to penetrate. Now all that’s left is for the units to unload safely from the dropship.

Between the already scoped out buildings, the covert dropship exposes itself in the enemy base, after having taken the unrevealed route at an unexpected moment. Even if the opponent had predicted it, he cannot stop me. That is my strategy. Using the enemy buildings as shields, I destroy the units and buildings one by one, but quickly, even before his reinforcements arrive. I still have a second force left even if my tired units are taken care of by the reinforcements. I have to defend my base as perfectly as I execute the attack.

The outcome hinges on this. If I’m hurt as much as I damaged the enemy, then the strategy has failed. Even as I assault the enemy base my eyes are always observing my base. In the end I have built a new squad of units.

This is the most critical moment. I have to steal even the time my opponent has to breath. If left alone, the enemy will revitalize. I must constrict him completely. At the last instant, I must not have even a modicum of hesitation. Hesitation about the road I’m taking, the choices I’m making, the future… . As I hesitate the opponent will find my weakness. Until the enemy completely acknowledges defeat, Nike, the goddess of victory, does not raise my hand. Thus I cannot stop.

With a final attack as sharp as a sword and as swift as a flash, I must completely dominate the opponent. Precise timing! A moment I cannot pass by, my units tramples over the enemy base. I set ablaze everything to make restoration impossible, and pressure him to admit defeat. However the opponent cannot let go of even the thin thread of a hope. Coldly I must crush even that hope. After all the fibers of hope have been severed the opponent gives up everything and announces GG. At last the goddess Nike timidly gives me a kiss. Slowly I lift my eyes from the monitor and look at the fans. I take off my headphones and listen to the cries of the fans.

Today I sit again on this seat. Tomorrow I will sit here again. I will be standing on the stage for the game until the day I declare GG to myself.


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