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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hope on the Road Not Taken

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Every time I read Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” I feel a twinge in one side of my heart. Six years after my transformation from ‘Internet Café bum’ to ‘progamer,’ I look back at myself from where I am now more and more often. I look back at the road that I took, quietly examining the footsteps I left behind. As there are footsteps that lead in one direction, there are also interrupted ones. These footsteps make me think with satisfaction, ‘I’ve walked many difficult paths.’ At the same time, I also feel traces of altruism when I think ‘I’d like the footsteps I left to be someone’s guiding light when he is lost.’

That satisfaction and altruism made me mature as a ‘progamer.’ When I first began playing, I played only for myself. Like a 100m sprinter who only looks forward, becoming the champion was my only and final goal. I could not even hear the voices of my fans, my unwavering supporters. Then, one day, I realized that the satisfaction that I took pride in planted there by the people cheering me on for taking “the road not taken;” that the ones who did not leave but watched silently even if I lost were the “guides” who encouraged me on to keep going down the road as a ‘progamer…’. Now I play for the ones who enjoy my games, the ones who come to watch my games. Maybe this is why I try even harder to do my best than when I ‘only played for myself.’

Through this book, I want to convey how someone worthless like me was able to stand up to the world; my own ‘dreams and hopes’ that I never gave up even when everyone underestimated me. I want to share my bloody tears with those who cry because the road they chose was too difficult, or gave up their dreams to take the easy way out.

Thank you to my manager Joo Hoon, coach Sung Sang-Hoon, Seo Yoon-Heui (writer), Chairman Sim Hyun, Seo Min-Cheol from BookCare, BookRoad PD Choi Boh-Yoon and others for helping me write this book.

On fall’s doorstep in 2004
Lim Yo-Hwan


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